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What is is a pay-per-click search engine.

How does work?

  • Affiliates install ads from on their websites
  • Surfers click on ads
  • payes affiliates for every click

How much do I get paid from the turnover?

We pay from 80 to 85% of money paid by advertiser for your traffic.

How do you pay your affiliates?

You can receive payments via Webmoney, Epese, Wire Transfer.

How to install ads on my website?

The “Promo Materials” section of our members’ area contains advertisement tools with detailed set up instructions.

How does your customer support service work?

Our customer support service is ready to help you solve any problems regarding the work of our system through tickets and online chat.

How often do you update your statistics?

Our statistics is updated every hour.

What are the requirements for websites?

  • Website has to be in English
  • Website mustn’t violate law, ethical and moral norms
  • Website mustn’t create conditions for forced clicks on ads

If you still have questions, please, contact our support service and we’ll gladly help you!


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